Testing ability

Comprehensive research and test center of refrigeration equipment and system

It has built a testing center covering an area of more than 3500 square meters. It is planned to declare that the national marine air conditioning and ventilation equipment testing center has the test capabilities of marine air conditioning and ventilation system performance, marine conditions, reliability, environmental simulation electromagnetic compatibility and compressor. The test center can be applied to water chiller, combined air conditioner, assembled air conditioner, refrigeration unit of compressor condensing unit, unit air conditioner, fan coil The detection and test capacity of the key indicators of the shelter air conditioning, liquid (air) cooling source, integrated air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity machine, dehumidifier, etc. is 2kW ~ 2500kw. The design and construction meet the requirements of CNAs and AHRI.

IDFC independent fresh air intelligent distributed air conditioning system simulation cabin

The cabin is composed of a test simulation cabin, a low noise distributed air conditioning module system, a cooling (heating) medium water supply system, a fresh air supply system, a test control system and a test and test system.

Air conditioning and ventilation system improvement land comprehensive laboratory

Air conditioning and ventilation system improvement land comprehensive laboratory: the model cabin is built according to a complete air-conditioning area of the real ship as the reference object and 1:1 ratio. It is equipped with a complete air-conditioning and ventilation system and necessary power supply and water supply facilities. It is mainly used to carry out the comprehensive performance test of the system with the comfort control technology of the air-conditioning and ventilation system as the core, including simulation function and thermal test function Ability, test data management function, etc

Ice temperature preservation system

Ice temperature preservation is a new storage technology, which overcomes the defects of freezing above 0 ℃ and freezing below - 18 ℃, and can ensure the flavor, taste and freshness of food.
Ice temperature refers to the temperature range from 0 ℃ to the freezing temperature of organisms, which is called ice temperature zone, or ice temperature for short. Different foods have different ice temperate zones. Generally, the ice temperate zone of fruits and vegetables is 0 ℃ ~-
Ice temperature preservation technology is to control the temperature of food in the range of ice temperature zone by using the cooling method, so as to achieve a "dormancy" state. The metabolism of food tissue cells is the smallest and the energy consumption is the smallest, so it can effectively store food. The time and freshness of the frozen food are more than twice that of the ordinary food.
As the "ice temperate zone" of food is relatively narrow, subtle temperature fluctuations in the storage environment may bring about changes in food quality. If the storage temperature is lower than the freezing point of fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegetables will suffer from freezing damage, resulting in a lot of economic losses. Therefore, the storage environment temperature and other factors of ice temperature fresh-keeping storehouse must be accurately controlled, which is more strict than the technical requirements of ordinary cold storage environment.
Ice temperature preservation and storage environment is a comprehensive application of various technologies, including refrigeration, heat transfer, aerodynamics, building structure, precise control, precise detection, data communication, module programming, power regulation, etc., which integrates control, monitoring, constant temperature and humidity, so as to minimize the metabolism, respiration and material consumption of stored food.
The ice temperature preservation system has the following advantages:
1) do not damage the cell structure of food.
2) inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms and enzyme activity to the greatest extent, and prevent food from spoilage.
3) it can restrain respiration to the greatest extent, reduce the loss of nutrients and prolong the fresh-keeping period.
4) improve the quality of food to a certain extent.

Intelligent equipment

With "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025" as the strategic guidance and the goal of building a digital chemical plant, Zhaosheng solidifies the achievements of lean management into the system, and realizes the automatic intelligent manufacturing of the whole production process through advanced intelligent equipment and the production process control through MES software. The company has built a special environmental control base, with 5 assembly production lines, 7 parts processing production lines and more than 360 sets of processing equipment, of which CNC processing accounts for 80%.
  • Overview of special environmental control base
  • Assembly line
  • Component processing production line
  • Component processing production line

Qualification certification

With the certification of major classification societies around the world, the quality is trustworthy!

CNEX National Explosion-proof Certification

Our company currently has 43 products.
CNEX National Explosion-proof Certification!

ATEX Explosion-proof Certification in Europe

Explosion-proof electrical control box, explosion-proof electric heating heater,
Explosion-proof electric fire-proof wind lock, marine explosion-proof centrifugal fan,
Marine axial-flow fans, marine air conditioners,
Marine split air conditioning units have been certified.

Our company has the military-related qualifications such as the production license of weapons and equipment, confidentiality qualification, and the contractor of weapons and equipment.

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