Peace ark hospital ship


Peace ark is made, the first Chinese - hospital ship, successfully launched in 2007, has been successfully carried out the "peace ark medical service journey", "harmonious mission - 2010", "harmonious mission - 2011", "goodwill visit to Cambodia and medical service", "travelling to rescue", "" the Pacific rim - 2014" exercises ", "harmonious mission - 2014", "" the Pacific rim - 2016" exercises ", "harmonious mission - 2017", etc.

Compared with ordinary ships, medical ships have higher requirements on anti-wind and waves, noise reduction in cabin and purification of medical functional areas. Trillion - brand central air conditioning, clean air-conditioning hvac product deliveries since 2007, stable and reliable, and for the radar area medical personnel, medical equipment to provide a comfortable, clean work, running environment, assist the successful completion of the "peace ark" a series of tasks.

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