Offshore oil platform 981


Offshore oil platform 981 is deep water semi-submersible drilling platform which was started to build at April 28th 2008, was the first one and the six grade which designed and built by China. This platform was totally invested by CNOOC, was integrated global top ranking design philosophy and equipment.981 was designed according to South sea adverse sea condition firstly in the world which can withstands the typhoon that two-hundred-year return period.981 platform had CCS and ABS doulble classification societys, adopted DPS dynamic positioning system which can anchor moored positioning in 1500m depth.The total project was complished according to CNOOC's requirement and design philosophy and CNOOC has the the proprietary intellectual property rights of this vessel type. The complishment of this platform was a symbol that China has the independent research and development and international comptetive capacity in offshore engineering equipment area.  In 2014.7.15, ocean oil 981 drilling platform finished its drilling operation in Xisha Zhongjian island and succesfully got the releative geology data as planned. In 2014.8.30, 981 tested and got the high yield oil and gas flow in Lingshui 17-2-1 well in South sea north deep water area. Lingshui 17-2 was a large scale gas field after caculated and it was the first great oil gas discovery since the self-support of deep water exploration in China sea.                                                                          

Josun AC provided the total HVAC solution and marine AC, fans and full service which convoyed for 981's mission.                

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