“ Bohai Jingzhu” RO-RO vessel


"Bohai Jingzhu"RO-RO vessel is the largest one in Asia, was putted into Yantai-Dalian service in 2012.10.10 at Yantai.

This vessel is 178.8m long, 28m wide, total tonnage is 35000Ton, can carry 2038 person. This vessel was designed for 3 layers of car cabin, and the car can get to the under layer and the upper layer through the lift platform. The highlighted is that can carry the huge weight special vehicle which is 50m long, 4.85m high and 8m wide. It has absolute advantages in carrying over length, over high and over wide special vehicle, is the biggest and strongest loading capacity RO-RO vessel in Asia.

Josun AC provided the integrated HVAC solution and equipment for it, include water chiller, indirect AHU, packaged AC, fan, storage unit, offered the perfect operation environment for the vessel.  

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