Snow Dragon


Snow dragon  was the third generation polar ice breaker and scientific inestigation vessel which was a Vetas Bering grade ice breaker and was built by Ukraine kherson shipyard in 1993.3.25. China costed 17.50 million usd low price to import from Ukraine in 1993, then the shipyard remoulded according to China's requirement.    Snow dragon is the biggest polar scientific investigation vessel of China, and also the only one can move with icebreaking in polar. Snow dragon vessel resists the cold, can break throuth 1.2m thick ice layer(include 0.2m snow) with 1.5 knots speed continuously, it is the only ice breaker vessel which has complete fuctions in polar scientific investigation. Snow dragon excuted south polar scientific investigation and supplies transportation for the first time in Octber 1994, and now has already 31 times to South pole. To 2012, has already 5 times to the North pole for scientific investigation and supplies transportation. Its footprint spreaded all over five oceans and created more new records in China marine navigation history.            

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