Coast guard 01


Coast guard 01 is the first large scale cruising salvaging vessel which has maritime control and salvaging ability at the meantime. it will service in states presidial sea area for maritime cruising, safety control,life seaching support, maritime certificates investigation, ship's oil spill monitoring and emergency disposal and etc.Coast guard 01 has the biggest tonnage in current law-enforcement vessels. Previously, the largest law-enforcement vessels are Coast guard 11 and coast guard 31 which both are 3000tons, coast guard 01 is a big guy which is 5400 tons and 128.8m long, the design speed is 20.4 knots,cruising ability is 10000 sea miles. Coast guard 01 used 3500 Tons of steel, 500 tons special high-strenth steel was firstly used in civil vessel, this kind of steel has higher hardness and higher collision-resistance.Coast guard 01 has transregional cruising salvation ability, and the first vessel of China maritime affairs will become the flagship of ocean law enforcement. 

Josun provided the integrated HVAC solution, equipments and service, supported to China ocean law enforcement.

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