current position:Service-Service philosophy

Life cycle service

Service is the strength of Josun. Josun always grasps " timely, professional, mutually beneficial whole life cycle" service idea to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Josun think highly of customer interest and gradually formed a set of advanced and perfect global service system.

Pre-sale service

Prior to the implementation of project, Josun will actively communicate with ship owners, shipyards and design institutes to provide customers with reasonable system solutions and relevant drawing materials. Transformation project: send designers for site detailed investigation, fully understand the requirements of users, and provide detailed and accurate technical consultation and service to users. New building project: actively communicate with customers about technology, timely provide complete project approval documents, and formulate effective and complete technical training plan

Systematic design

Professional pre-sales technical consultation and technical agreement negotiation. Air conditioning load calculation and air balance calculation; Reasonable selection of equipment. Air conditioning and ventilation duct layout; Schematic diagram of air-conditioning water system. Air conditioning and ventilation system noise control calculations; Air duct resistance calculation sheet.

Equipment customization

Professional product publicity and promotion. Prepare professional technical specification and tender. Carefully design equipment to meet professional needs. Provide system accessories satisfied with system requirements.

System pre-sales support please contact

Bing Chen    Refrigeration Engineer

+86 138 1238 8822

Xiejian Xu    Air Conditioning Engineer

+86 151 5263 7946

Qinsheng Yan    Fan Engineer

+86 138 5288 7029

Sale service

We will provide you with process control, installation guidance, technical training, commissioning and inspection services to ensure equipment quality.
Process control
Commissioning & Inspection
Technical training
Installation guidance

After-sales service

13 coastal after-sales service networks, respond in 24 hours; 20 global service networks, respond in 48 hours!
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