Chunxiao Platform


Chunxiao oil field is large scale oil and gas field which was developed in the west lake sunken of China east sea continental shelf basin, 500Km to the south-east of Shanghai, 350 Km to Ningbo, and its location was named “ west lake sunken of east sea” by the experts. So far it is the largest ocean oil and gas field of China, is made up of four oil and gas fields, except Chunxiao, also include Pinghu, Canxue, Duanqiao and Tianwaitian oil and gas fields, its floor space is 22000 square Km, nearly 2/3 of Taiwan province The verified natural gas reserve is more than 70 billion CBM. It was invested by CNOOC and SINOPECC.

Josun AC provided the whole central AC system, refrigeration system and ventilation equipment, assisted our country’s east sea energy development.

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