Da Yang Yi Hao


Dayang 1 is a 5600 Tons ocean scientific investigation vessel. Since 1995, Dayang 1 excuted 7 ocean mineral resorce researchs and several times continental shelf investigation. Dayang 1's old name was geologist Peter.Andropov, was a ocean geology and physical geography scientific investigation vessel of the former Soviet union. It was built in Kiev shipyard in 1984. In 1994, in order to meet the needs of China ocean mineral resorce investigation, China ocean mineral R&D association bought from Russian Far-East ocean geology investigation bureau and refitted preliminaryly and then named Dayang 1. For more than ten years, Dayang1 carried out forerign academic exchange activities positively, many scientists from many countries worked on the vessel and held public day activities when berthed in some ports. On the morning of 2006.1.22, Dayang 1 returned Qindao port after 300 days drifting on the ocean and accomplished  the first global scientific investigation task. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Stae Oceanic Administration held the solemn ceremony and CCTV broadcasted lively. Dayang 1 accomplished 3 eastablished tasks indicated that China scientific investigation went out of China sea and went to the world, China ocean investigation ability and standard was close up the western marine great power.    

Josun AC provided  the integrated HVAC solution, equipments and service, insured the success of our country ocean scientific and investigation work.

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