Blue Whale Crane Ship


"Blue Whale" 7500 ton full slewing floating crane, belongs to CNOOC, it is constructed by ZPMC, and currently the world's largest single arm lifting vessel.

The total length is 241 meters, width is 50 meters, and depth is 20.4 meters, it is currently the largest floating crane. The gross weight is 64110 ton, lifting beam is 98.1m in height, and the largest lifting capacity is 7500 ton. The lifting sling not only can go 150 meters deep underwater, nut also can lift the weight 125m above water. The highest point is 140m, and the highest lifting point is 110m; the whole floating crane can contain the room and board of 300 people, and helipad is set, the self-propelled speed can reach 11 section levels. The major feature is that the cargo boom can lay down or rotate, it is very flexible.

The birth of 7500 ton full slewing floating crane greatly extends the sea area of marine works and help salvage career. "Blue Whale" floating crane also can act as lifting tool of large span bridges, salvage and water heavy lifting. On August 31, 2008, at 5:10,"Blue Whale" floating crane start to work. The double hook stably lifted the platform main module whose weight is 3600 ton (50*30*20m), and moved it to platform support. Around 8:30 a.m. it successfully completed the first lifting, and show world's first strength of "blue whale" floating crane.

CNOOC"Blue Whale" floating crane adopts the central AC system, refrigeration system, self-contained AC and fan, heating fan manufactured by Josun.

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