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Innovation platform

Zhaosheng Air Conditioner relies on scientific and technological innovation to build sustainable competitiveness. It has established and improved a technological innovation system with independent innovation as the main body and the combination of production, teaching and research. It has built a multi-system and omni-directional innovation platform covering basic research platform, engineering application platform, industry-university-research cooperation platform, high-end talent introduction and training platform. Bureau.

The company has set up R&D centers in Taixing Headquarters, Shanghai, Singapore R&D centers, Korea R&D centers and European R&D centers overseas. It has technological innovation platforms such as Jiangsu Certified Enterprise Technology Center, postdoctoral research workstation, Jiangsu Ship and Marine Air Conditioning Refrigeration Engineering Technology Research Center and so on. The company's technological innovation ability has laid a solid foundation.

R & D base

Over 30% of engineers and technicians
24 Senior Titles
96 Intermediate Title
127 Junior Title

Innovation ability

Zhaosheng Air Conditioner has continuously increased its R&D investment. By means of independent development, industry-university-research cooperation, introduction of technology, cooperative operation and attraction of high-end technical personnel, it has vigorously improved its original innovation, integrated innovation and the ability of introducing digestion, absorption and re-innovation. Leading the development of the industry in the fields of anti-leakage, vibration and noise reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection, it has achieved a national brand with core competitiveness and sustainable development ability.

Independent innovation

Study on Anti-corrosion and Leak-proof Technology

Senior experts from 701, 704 and Jiangnan factories were invited to guide and analyze the field tests. Based on the corrosion characteristics of seawater to different metal materials and the calculation of reaction time cycles for different metal substitution, the test scheme of condenser was designed and a laboratory for seawater corrosion was prepared. The sea water from Zhoushan sea area was transported as test medium. The experience data of condenser design, material and processing were verified through three years of uninterrupted tests, which improved the reliability of condenser.

Study on Vibration and Noise Reduction

In close cooperation with universities such as Harbin Engineering University and Tongji University, professors and scholars specializing in vibration reduction and noise reduction are engaged to carry out noise research and detection of products. The original air conditioners and distributors of the company are tested by advanced noise testing methods, such as noise and vibration, and the modal of the components are tested. The experiment and analysis were carried out, and the noise reduction measures were compared and analyzed in different ways. Experts and professors of noise disciplines were invited to consult and discuss and come up with solutions. Through the improved design of the prototype, the results of vibration and noise reduction were good.

Research on Clean and Precision Temperature Control Technology

For the traditional clean engineering, the bacterial dust is only intercepted by the filter membrane and can not be killed. It is easy to self-propagate under suitable temperature and humidity. It is easy to use nano-titanium carbon mesh and photocatalyst technology to remove harmful gases and odors. Thus, the problem that toxic and harmful gases and odors can not be removed in clean engineering is solved. Technically, the air conditioning temperature control can reach (+1 C), humidity (+2%RH) with high precision and cleanliness.

Innovation of Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

With Naval Engineering University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, East China University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Southeast University, Zhenjiang Shipping College and other universities have close cooperation and are the innovation and practice base of postdoctoral students in Jiangsu Province. Through cooperation with various universities, we have established Jiangsu Ship and Ocean Air Conditioning Refrigeration Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiangsu Enterprise Graduate Workstation.

Cooperation with major scientific research institutes

China Shipping Heavy Industry Research Institute No. 71, No. 74, China Shipping Heavy Industry Shipping Technology Research Center, Dalian Shipping Engineering Research Center, China Shipping Industry Research Institute No. 78, Shanghai Shipping Research and Design Institute, Guangzhou Shipping and Marine Engineering Design Research Institute, Yangtze River Ship Design Institute, Tianhai Rong Joint Defense Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and other major institutes, institutes and research centers have cooperated for a long time.

Innovation achievement

In recent years, Zhaosheng Air Conditioner has made continuous progress through independent research and development, the combination of production, teaching and research, learning and introducing foreign advanced technology and other methods.

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