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Aerogel is a new nanometer material which is formed by polycondensation of colloidal particles or polymer molecules, and then by special drying process, the liquid in the gel pores is replaced by gas while the gel skeleton structure does not collapse. 

The unique three-dimensional network porous structure makes aerogel not only low thermal conductivity, but also sound absorption, noise reduction, pressure and impact resistance, but also has the characteristics of GRADE A fire, overall hydrophobic, is an excellent solid thermal insulation material in the industry.

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Product features:

● Lightest solid: The world's least dense solid material, "frozen smoke" 1.6 mg/cc

● high efficiency heat insulation insulation: 1cm thick aerogel ≈25cm of ordinary glass

● Safety and environmental protection: inorganic material, green and non-toxic

Basic parameters:

● Nanoporous structure (1 ~ 100nm)

● Low density (1 ~ 250kg/m3)

● Low dielectric constant (1.1~2.5)

● Low thermal conductivity 0.013~0.025W/(m.K)

● High porosity (80~ 99.8%)

● High specific surface area (500~ 1000m2/g)


As a new nanomaterial, aerogel has been widely used in aerospace, naval ships, high-speed rail bullet trains, new energy vehicles, electric power, petrochemical, solar thermal, construction and other fields.

Class1 rubber and plastic insulation pipe

Automatic control system

Mobile post air supply unit

Platform environmental control system of booster station

Marine Refrigeration Plant/Provision Plant

Aluminum silicate blanket

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